- Ray and Sandy, Salem, Indiana -
As a result of your Marriage Enrichment Seminar held at our church, our marriage will never be the same. We have been changed, we are different. Each of us had been previously married for over 20 years when our spouses deserted us. When we attended this seminar we realized the fear and abandonment issues we brought into our new marriage. The Lord graciously used Pastors Tony and Beverly to teach us the Godly principles of the Genesis covenant of love, forgiveness, and authority. We have a new excitement for the things of God and each other. Each morning we pray together as a couple, we listen to each other and appreciate the diversity God created us to be as a man and a woman. We recently renewed our marriage vows and, as the oldest couple in the church, feel God has so much more for us in our marriage.

- Pastors Calvin and Ethel Veal, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-
God truly blessed our church. Our couples and our singles shared how the Word from the "Genesis Man and Woman" Marriage Enrichment Seminar brought restoration and a new refreshing revelation of our roles as a husband and wife. When we first had Pastors Tony and Bev in our church, there was an "immediate" connection with all our people for they are truly a "Father and Mother" to the Body of Christ. There was such a move of God in each of the sessions that we invited the back the following year. We truly can endorse them as a couple and a man and woman of God that will bless your people with their insight and prospective of God's word for both singles and married couples

-Jerry and Tamara, Jackson, Mississippi -
Our marriage was headed for absolute destruction. Our marriage had been a trail of faith and love for God, each other, and our family. The enemy fought us in the area of agreement and we desperately needed structure in our home if our marriage was to be sustained. Therefore, we tried something different, the marriage retreat. The enrichment seminar offered us new ideas and spiritual outlook and we obtained the knowledge and understanding that the "power of agreement" i a mighty ingredient to a successful marriage. We realized that when we strive daily and fail, God grants us His grace and mercy each day to make every wrong, right and that His plan for marriage and family is forgive, resist the devil, love unconditionally, and His awesome love covers a multitude of sins. To every couple that may be going through similar circumstances, we hope our testimony will encourage and bless you. We than God for our pastors who labored with us and for the love and encouragement of Pastors Tony and Bev to believe that "every marriage can be made new in the love of Christ."

- Faith Community Fellowship Church, Mississippi -
Pastors Tony and Bev have brought a refreshing and scriptural insight to the Word of God's plan for the "Genesis Man and Woman." They have blessed our people with their love, acceptance, and their "Papa and Mama's heart." I am very concerned that the man and woman of God that minister to my people live the Word within their own lives, church, and marriage. It is very evident in their own successful marriage of over 30 years, that Pastors Tony and Bev are "living examples" of what they teach and preach. Their Marriage Enrichment Seminar is a revelation of God's word that will enhance, refresh, and restore.